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Among the Hidden -- Margaret Peterson Haddix. Review by Rueda Abdirahman
Slaughterhouse 5 -- Kurt Vonnegut. Review by Nolan Block
The Wright Brothers -- David McCullough. Review by Christa Buehler
Review by Lydia Dykema
The Fortune Hunter -- Daisy Goodwin. Review by Charisa Escondo
Stuart, a Life Backwards -- Alexander Masters. Review by Mathias Gustafson
The Silmarillion -- J.R.R. Tolkien. Review by Matthew Herrema
The Giver -- Lois Lowry. Review by Annissa Kebede
The Hobbit -- J.R.R. Tolkien. Review by Mirza Komic
Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy -- Rene Descartes. Review by Patrick Lennon
The Book Thief -- Markus Zusak. Review by Ibrahim Lubis
Princess Bride -- William Goldman. Review by Benjamin McCallum
Kujo- Steven King. Review by Eli Paulen
Slaughterhouse 5 -- Kurt Vonnegut. Review by Weston Pineiro
Water for Elephants -- Sara Gruen. Review by Morgan Platz
Being George Washington -- Glenn Beck. Review by Wyatt Punches
Styxx -- Sherrilyn Kenyon, Review by Haley Ruhlig
Flowers for Algernon -- Daniel Keyes. Review by Brian Tejada
Dracula -- Bram StokerReview by Evan Vecziedins
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo -- Stieg Larsson. Review by Gabriella Goins

The Martian -- Andy Weir. Review by Noor Carvo
Flowers for Algernon -- Daniel Keyes. Review by Tina Vu
A Game of Thrones -- George R. R. Martin. Review by Serena Kerkstra
The Hobbit -- J.R.R. Tolkien. Review by Tali Barber
Cat's Cradle -- Kurt Vonnegut. Review by Darnell Frye
East of Eden -- John Steinbeck. Review by Andrew Dombrowski
American Sniper -- Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice. Review by Nate Bennett
Paper Towns - John Green. Review by Allyssa Morehouse
Slaughterhouse 5 -- Kurt Vonnegut. Review by Alex Figueroa
The Road -- Cormac McCarthy. Review by Ray McCall
The Fellowship of the Ring -- J.R.R. Tolkien. Review by Riley Weaver
Tom Sawyer -- Mark Twain. Review by Caleb Swain
Three -- Ted Decker. Review by Jordan Palmer
Go Set a Watchman -- Harper Lee. Review by Christian Harrison
The Road -- Cormac McCarthy. Review by Avery Balaskovitz
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- John Boyne. Review by Ashley Bogardus
The Importance of Being Earnest -- Oscar Wilde. Review by Grace Brown

The Outsiders -- S. E. Hinton. Review by Bryan Marmol
The Tale of Two Cities -- Charles Dickens. Review by Ignacio Vargas
Gifted Hands -- Ben Carson. Review by Ryan Deemter
Song of Homana -- Jennifer Roberson. Review by Sean Mulcahy
The Z Virus: Outbreak -- Brent Miller. Review by Ibrahim Dahir
We Were Heros -- Walter Myers. Review by Brandon Johnson
The Fault in Our Stars -- John Green. Review by Abigail Ormsby
The Infinite Sea -- Rick Yancey. Review by Hannah Ellis
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian -- Sherman Alexie. Review by Jamon Davis
The House of Hades -- Rick Riordan. Review by Mohamed Dahir
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian -- Sherman Alexie. Review by Steven Phan
Red Mars -- Kim Stanley Robinson. Review by Sam Darnell
The Maze Runner -- James Dasher. Review by Aaron Carruthers
The Narrow Door at Colditz -- Robert Wize. Review by Bryce Boomsma
The Shack -- Paul Young. Review by Anya Zwier
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian -- Sherman Alexie. Review by Elisee Mutula
Elegant Universe -- Brian Greene. Review by Brad Sherwood
I Am Praise -- Pastor Daniel J Parker. Review by Josh Duran
The Catcher in the Rye -- J.D. Salinger. Review by Antonio Munoz
The Hunger Games -- Suzanne Collins. Review by Ethan Duzan
American Sniper -- Chris Kyle. Review by Jett Elerick
The Lock Artist -- Steve Hamilton. Review by Jackson Wardrop
The Vault of Dreamers -- Caragh M O'Brien. Review by Dulcinea Alderton
The Retribution of Mara Dyer -- Michelle Hodkins. Review by Tijunae Otterbridge
Derek Jeeter: The Life You Imagined -- Jack Curry. Review by Ryan Robertson
Cosmic -- Frank Cottrell. Review by David Casha
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian -- Sherman Alexie. Review by Christian Cain.
Review by David Casha

2014-15 Choice Reading Reviews
2015-16 Choice Reading Reviews (Miss Nelessen's ELA10)
All the Pretty Horses -- McCarthy, Cormac. Review by Max Van Sledright
Airman -- Colfer, Eoin. Review by Jaiden Duram.
American Assassin -- Flynn, Vince. Review by Rafael Morales
Angels and Demons -- Brown, Dan. Review by Matthew Shupe
Avalon -- Arnett, Mindee. Review by Kyle VanDenHeuvel
The Black Death -- Cravens, Gwyneth and John Marr. Review by Jonah Rietberg
The Blood of Olympus -- Riordan, Rick. Review by Matt Zoet
The Boleyn Inheritance -- Gregory, Phillipa. Review by Gabrielle Br├╝gger
The Books of Umber -- Mull, Brandon. Review by Ivan Lopez
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- Boyne, John. Review by Bryce Grover
The Bro Code -- Cool, Joe. Review by Travaar Moore
Brotherhood -- Westrick, A. B. Review by Ian May
Cemetery Girl -- Bell, David. Review by Mackenzie Kribbet
Chasing Lincoln's Killer -- Swanson, James L. Review by Jacob Wiersma
Code Talker -- Bruchac, Joseph. Review by Elibner Velasquez
Cookie -- Wilson, Jacqueline. Review by Salma Zacarias
Define Normal-- Peters Anne Julie. Review by Maria Santana
East of Eden -- Steinbeck, John. Review by Cary Garrigan
East of Eden -- Steinbeck, John. Review by Roi Hafizi.
Extrelon -- Arnett, Mindee. Review by Kyle VanDenHeuvel
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -- Foer, Jonathan Safran. Review by Julia Stevenson
Fahrenheit 451 -- Bradbury, Ray. Review by Anissa Mathias. Review by Vivan Ly. Review by Sean Toohey.
The Fault in Our Stars -- Green, John. Review by Lexi Roseboom
The Fellowship of the Ring -- Tolkein, J. R. R. Review by Alex Espinoza
The Giver -- Lowry, Lois. Review by Suraya Norris
Gotrek and Felix: First Omnibus -- King, William. Review by Cullen Van Fleet
The Infernal City -- Keyes, Greg. Review by Christian Nguyen
In Cold Blood -- Capote, Truman. Review by Abigail Lenau
I.Q. -- Smith, Roland. Review by Jaylin McCoy
The First Phone Call From Heaven -- Albom, Mitch. Review by Ryan Kelly
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- Rowling, J. K. Review by Trevor Hubert
Heat Wave -- Castle, Richard. Review by Cary Garrigan
The Help -- Stocked, Katheryn. Review by Izzy Seeley
The Hobbit -- Tolkein, J. R. R. Review by Nick Lazoski
House of Thunder -- Koontz, Dean. Review by Albert Montano
The Hunger Games -- Collins, Suzanne. Review by Liam Zahn
The Hunt For Red October -- Clancy, Tom. Review by Reece Walker
Inkheart-- Funke, Cornelia Review by Ivan Lopez
Insurgent--Roth, Veronica. Review by Devin Norkus
The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore -- Lowry-Nixon, Joan. Review by Jordan Hunt
Left Behind -- LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins. Review by Nathan Stoetzel
Life of Pi -- Martel, Yann. Review by Maddie Wall
Little Women -- Alcott, Luisa May. Review by Abigail Lenau
Lone Survivor -- Luttrell, Marcus. Review by Noah Koorndyk
The Long Hard Road Out of Hell -- Manson, Marilyn. Review by Omar Trujillo-Villaire
Looking for Alaska -- Green, John. Review by Alexia Gould. Review by Kasey Baker. Review by Sydney Matthews
Review by Emaleigh Boerma
Fablehaven--Mull, Brandon. Review by Neil Bell
Manhunt -- Bergen, Peter L. Review by Spencer Wert
The Maze Runner -- Review by Denver Smith
The Meaning of Life -- Mass, Wendy. Review by Carlos Thompson III
The Mockingjay -- Collins, Suzanne. Review by Demreigh Carey. Review by Jeremy Walker
Monday Morning -- Reichs, Kathy. Review by Pedro de Olivera
A Most Inconvenient Marriage -- Jennings, Regina. Review by Angeline Kerkstra
My Father's Son -- Fields, Terri. Review by Abraham Mengistu. Review by Dawit Aklilu
A New Darkness -- Delaney, Joseph. Review by Sean Toohey
Night of the Assassin -- Blake, Russell. Review by Darius Allen
Odd Thomas -- Koontz, Dean. Review by Alex Parrish
The Old Curiosity Shop -- Dickens, Charles. Review by Micah Kigar
Out of Sight, Out of Time -- Carter, Ally. Review by KaZya Murphy
The Perks of Being a Wallflower -- Chbosky, Stephen. Review by Emily Mastaw
Private -- Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Review by Alex Simons
The Regulators -- Bachman, Richard. Review by Chase Toczydlowski
Rendezvous with Rama -- Clark, Arthur C. Review by Luke O'Hearn
The Restaurant at the end of the Universe -- Adams, Douglass. Review by Lars Thorson
The Secret Life of Bees -- Kidd, Sue Monk. Review by Emily Mastaw
Shackleton Stowaway -- McKernan, Victoria. Review by Jack Harris.
Silmarillion -- Tolkein, J. R. R. Review by Mitch Herrema
Skylight Confessions -- Hoffman, Alice.Review by Jada Kyle
Showdown -- Dekker, Ted. Review by Devin Norkus
Slaughterhouse 5 -- Vonnegut, Kurt. Review by Jeremy Harris
The Son of Neptune -- Riordan, Rick. Review by Mohamed Abdirahman
Speaker For The Dead -- Card, Orson Scott. Review by Jeremiah McGowan
Stargazer -- Gray, Claudia. Review by Felecia Mastaw
Success for Teens -- Arson, Jeff. Review By Kega Dusabe
The MazeRunner-- Dashner, James Review by Roberto Flores
The Sword of Shannara -- Brooks, Terry. Review by Zeke Tryles
Thirteen Reasons Why -- Asher, Jay. Review by Tori Fezzey
Travels with Charley -- Steinbeck, John. Review by Noah Baker
Trainspotting -- Welsh, Irvine. Review by Chase Todzylowski
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- Adams, Douglas. Review by Fabian Segura
Unwind-- Shusterman, Neal. Review by Seayereanah
Unbroken -- Hillenbrand, Laura. Review by David Norman
The War of the Worlds -- Wells, H. G. Review by Brandon Asbury. Review by Brandon Smith
The Warrior Heir -- Chima, Cindy. Review by Carlos Saints
The Way of Kings -- Sanderson, Brandon. Review by Sam Gann
Wonder -- Palacio, R. J. Review by Stacey Morales
Slaughterhouse Five -- Vonnegut, Kurt. Review by Preston Dull
The Z Virus: Outbreak -- Miller, Brent. Review by Robbie Jimenez
The Da Vinci Code - Brown, Dan Review by Grant Gayan
Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevenson, Review by Matthew Roelofs

Blink -- Gladwell, Malcolm. Review by Noah Dupon.
Cleopatra -- Schiff, Stacy. Review by Kenia Urena
Farewell to Manzanar - Jeanne Wakatsuki and James D. Houston. review by Matthew Roelofs
The Fruitful Life -- Bridges, Jerry. Review by John Turner.
The Greater Exodus -- Judah, Monte W. Review by Justin Ward
Stuff White People Like -- Lander, Christian.Review by Anthony Tran
Unbroken -- Hillenbrand, Laura. Review by Justin Aurich.
The Color Of Water -- McBride, James. Review by Elsa Holmlund
Time Traveler -- Dr. Ronald L. Mallett with Bruce Henderson. Review by Christopher Smith
Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man? -- Barkley, Charles. Review by Daniel Ngabonziz