The Scorch Trials - By James Dashner

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" Minho shrugged off Newt's hand and started his usual rant of sarcast remarks, but Thomas had already turned out, his heart's pace having kicked in to a rapid series of almost painful thumps. All he could think about was what had been tattooed on his neck. That he was to be killed. " - The Scorch Trials (page 67.)

This book was a sequel the major hit that was The Mase Runner. With that book to follow this book had a lot to uphold. I feel that it did uphold the series. This book was about a group of boys with one girl trying to survive when a group called wicked comes and tells them to go somewhere in a small amount of time or die. They separate the girl from the group and add a boy to replace her.

The main character is Thomas. He was once with wicked but had his mind wiped of all memories for reasons unknown. This actually happened with everyone. In the first book his job was a runner. He was to run the maze that they were trapped in and try to find an exit.

Another main character is Teresa. She was the lone girl in the group of boys before they got separated. Before the Maze, she knew Thomas. Thomas and her have a telepathic connection which allows them to communicate from far distances.

About the Author

James Smith Dashner was born in Austell, Georgia on November 26, 1972. He is 43 years old. The novel that Started his amasing carear was called " The Journal of Courious Letters ". Another notable series that he has written is " The 13th Reality". To see more books go here. He graduated from a collage in Utah called Brigham Young University. He has 4 kids and he is still alive today.

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