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After Party by Ann Redisch


-The wild one is gone,and Emma the Good is not good, good girls wouldn't kill their best friend- Afterparty


When Emma the Good moves to Los Angeles, she is amazed at how much she had missed out on because of her overprotective dad. Emma is quiet and keeps to herself. Until she meets the wild, and elusive Siobhan. Siobhan and Emma are polar opposites, Emma is the quiet one who stays to herself, Siobhan is the crazy one that has to be the the center of attention. Together the two of them make a dangerous relationship when they sign a pact. Emma is given a list of the things that she must complete by the end of the year, or it can turn dangerous. To make matters even worse Emma and Siobhan start falling in love with the same guy. When Siobhan starts to feel left out she starts to turn to drugs and starts to become depressed. On top of it all she starts to spill all of Emma's secret to ruin her reputation. Emma starts to realize that thing are making turn for the worst but it starts to get darker and darker. Emma starts to realize that it is time to break tides with Siobhan to keep her sanity. But can She make it? Next thing you know Emma and Siobhan are fighting for life. Is finding your match really worth it? Or are you better by yourself?

About The Author

Ann Redisch Stampler is the author of "Where it Began", and "Afterparty". In her free time she likes to write jewish books for children. Some of her best children pieces are "The Wooden sword" and "The Rooster Prince Of Beslov" She is the winner of the Aesop Aclade Award for best nook.


I HIGHLY recommend this book you will love it. Its a great coming of age book it teaches you to love yourself and appreciate who you are. I learned from this book that people aren't always what you think they are, they can be deceiving. You will love the suspense that is put into this book. This bbok definitely add up to something big. If you like teen drama and romance, and betrayal this is your book.

Lessons Learned:

I learned in this book that you have to be comfortable with who you are because your peers will sense that I and try to find your weaknesses and destroy you. In life we often think we have to follow a crew to fit in. But in this book it taught me that sometimes the people we hangout with can put us in danger and challenge our morals. In this book I saw how Siobhan made Emma change in drastic ways and Emma was put to the test constantly. To the point where it started to become deadly. People should respect who you are and what you stand for if they don't their friends. Don't be afraid to have your voice heard to be the change in the world and actually make a difference in people's lives.

My Opinion:

I picked This book because Love reading about teenager's life because it teaches us that the world that we live in not always at we think it is. Afterparty encourage me to really interpret people in a different way because people use different emotions and personalities to get through a day and you never really know what a person is going through. Also like books that teach you about how tough this world really is. Where Do you fit in? How did I get my voice heard and when do you people start to appreciate me? Those kind of words allure me to those books, because I like to read about the underdog and how that they grow over time.


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